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Have a pet, be careful of contracting skin fungus or ringworm

Pets can be friends when you are lonely. But, do you know that your pet can transmit disease? Pets that are not maintained health and cleanliness can transmit skin fungus. Be sure to have your pet checked by a veterinarian and also take him to a pet salon regularly, yes. This needs to be done so that the health and hygiene of your pet is maintained, and you avoid a variety of infectious diseases that can be transmitted through animals, such as skin fungus. What Is the Difference between Skin Fungus in Animals and Humans? Skin fungus (ringworm) is a disorder of the skin that can occur on the body, scalp, feet, and groin. This skin disease is caused by a fungal infection known as dermatophytes. You and your pet can transmit the disease to each other through touch. If infected, you or your pet will experience itching on the fourth day to two weeks after exposure. This fungus prefers to grow in damp areas and body parts that often sweat. Tropical and warm regions such as Indonesia c
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Know the Role of Aesthetic Doctors for Skin Beauty Care

Aesthetic doctors are doctors who deal with issues surrounding beauty treatments, both for skin, face, and body shape, with non-surgical procedures. Aesthetic doctors are also known as beauty doctors, and you can find them in beauty clinics or aesthetic clinics and skin care centers. Aesthetic doctor is a general practitioner who has undergone special training to obtain permission to perform a variety of beauty treatment procedures (aesthetics), such as peeling, pulling threads, or Botox injections. In doing its work, aesthetic doctors often work closely with nutritionists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists. But also need to know, dermatologists can also handle beauty care procedures and slow the aging process. Actions Can Be Done by Aesthetic Doctors The field of medical aesthetics includes all actions aimed at improving physical appearance, of course while still paying attention to aspects of health. Aesthetic doctors can diagnose skin problems and provide advice on treatmen

Pregnant Women, Don't Miss These 5 Things for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women certainly try as much as possible to maintain health. However, sometimes without realizing there are some things that are missed during pregnancy you know. Do not let this cause health problems. Taking adequate vitamins for pregnancy and rest are just a few examples of things that are often missed by pregnant women. If allowed to continue, can bring negative effects on the health of both mother and fetus. Various Habits that Pregnant Women May Miss Pregnancy brings many changes that must be faced, ranging from hormonal changes to physical changes. For this reason, pregnant women also need to make adjustments to the habits to compensate for these changes, so that the pregnancy remains healthy. Because of the many habits that need to be adjusted, pregnant women may forget or even underestimate some of the things that are actually important to keep a healthy pregnancy. Here are a few things that Bumil might miss: Take prenatal vitamins Prenatal vitamins or pre